Our Vision

Repairing the Food System…

The global population will hit 10 billion by 2050. Our current meat farming and consumption habits are completely unsustainable for that population, and will excessively harm the planet.

We believe that by designing delicious and healthy plant-based meats and making them accessible to everyone, we can improve global health, the biodiversity of the planet and animal welfare, thereby making a sustained positive impact on the world we live in.

Our Guiding Principles


Transparent traceable ingredients, products and packaging from farm to fork.


A collaborative ecosystem to develop disruptive ingredients and technology.


Food technologists and chefs, collaboratively creating superior, delicious products.


Combining the best ingredients with culinary craft, to create authentic products, dishes and brands.

Our Products

We develop plant-based foods to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumer.

Our portfolio of delicious and nutritious products ranges from ingredients to cook with, to centre of plate, in-between and on the go consumption moments.

We have complete technical capabilities to serve customer needs in the plant-based meat category: minced, pieces, sausages, burgers, balls, nuggets, cutlets, slices and much more.

Our Seed2Fork Approach

1. Cost-focused R&D roadmap
Our innovation ecosystem creates technologies to drive down ingredient and processing costs.

2. Manufacturing at scale
Our established UK manufacturing facility will be our European hub, with 55,000 tonnes capacity/year. North America (2021) and China (2022) will follow.

3. Authentic Brands and NPD
We support complementary, authentic and purpose-driven brands, for whom our next generation NPD will drive penetration & frequency.

Our Technology Focus

Optimised Seeds and Crops
Alongside our partners, we are developing proprietary computational breeding technology that leads to a 50% reduction in the price of peas and beans. New sources of protein are continuously evaluated.

Optimised Protein Extraction
We’ve developed two techniques to extract a variety of protein sources at lower cost. Dry Fractionation separates components based on molecular weight and charge, using air classification and electrostatic separation. Wet Extraction uses pH adjustment to precipitate the protein fraction, to allow separation by centrifugation. We optimise the process to obtain proteins at a lower cost.

Optimised Texture Generation Technology
Extrusion and other texture generating technologies, including High Moisture Extrusion Technology – the engineering team optimises the extruding machines to drive higher machine efficiencies, lower energy use and better textures.


Our Collaborative Ecosystem

Our ecosystem optimises every aspect of our process, in order to serve a greatly increased demand for plant-based meats.

R&D is based at the York Bioscience Campus at Sand Hutton, where we are investigating binding systems, characterisation of Ingredients and textures, nutritional profiles, flavour systems, colour systems and process technology.

Manufacturing is planned to be multi-regional, multi-technical, sustainable and at scale, for both B2B and B2C channels.

We will partner with a portfolio of authentic, purpose-driven brands with complementary market positioning and ingredient strategies, both global and local.

We enjoy ongoing Innovation partnerships with world-renowned organisations in both farming and food business and technology.

We will build scale through a network of global and local Manufacturing Capabilities

Current Manufacturing:
UK Location: Bubwith, Yorks
Capacity: 3,500-4,000 tonnes per year
Location: Boston
Capacity: 55,000 tonnes per year

Future Manufacturing:
Planned Locations: USA (2021), China (2021/2022), Thailand (2023), South America (2024)
Capacity (per facility): 25,000 tonnes per year

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